Professional Development

2016 Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote: 

The Montana Conference of Education Leadership (MCEL) will kick off this year’s conference with an exciting and insightful keynote presentation by Glenn Tecker, renowned organizational strategist and governance expert. Glenn has helped organizations around the world over the course of decades in identifying, adjusting and improving to manage rapid shifts and changes through a strategic focus on constituents and a commitment to innovative thinking and acting.  

Through his many years advising and helping corporations, public agencies and trade, professional, special purpose and philanthropic associations around the world, there are few leadership challenges Glenn has not seen and helped solve.  Glenn’s work in Montana over the last 10+ years and his assistance to the sponsoring organizations of MCEL have been instrumental in the development and success of the Montana Public Education Center, the advocacy driven by the work of the K-12 Vision Group and our ongoing efforts to promote the value of Montana’s GREAT public schools.  Speaking from his personal knowledge and observations as these efforts have grown over the years, Glenn will provide his insights regarding these unique and valuable collaborations and their benefits for Montana’s students as well as the next steps needed to sustain and even grow our successes going forward.

Closing Keynote: 

Closing keynote speakers Noelle Ellerson and Kim Richie will speak about federal advocacy, the prevailing politics, and social norms driving education policy. The duo will cover the successful efforts to replace NCLB with ESSA and what is on the horizon in terms of ESSA implementation. Additionally, they will offer suggestions for public education advocates - how they can increase their effectiveness as advocates at the local, state and federal level. 

Noelle Ellerson directs the legislative and advocacy efforts of AASA in Congress and the U.S. Department of Education.

Kimberly M. Richey is an attorney who specializes in education law and policy development and government affairs at NSBA.