2019 Keynote Speaker

This year’s keynote speaker, Jamie Vollmer is an award-winning champion of public education. He is president of Vollmer, Inc., a public education advocacy organization working to halt the erosion of public trust and build support for America’s public schools.

Mr. Vollmer’s keynote address will focus on the following:

Welcome to The Great Conversation: Building public support for Montana’s public schools one community at a time.

Jamie Vollmer is an award-winning advocate for public education who uses statistics, logic, and humor to help administrators and their Boards achieve their goals. His keynote presentation provides the information and practical tools they need to:

  1. Help the public understand the challenges their schools face every day.
  2. Increase public trust in the staff and local schools.
  3. Overcome resistance to change among staff and community groups.
  4. Generate more community partners, volunteers, and resources.
  5. Secure more "YES" votes during bond and levy elections.

Using his own story of transformation as an example, Jamie makes the case that Montana’s educators have the power to increase support for their schools at a time of shifting demographics, intense political scrutiny, and rising expectations. His presentation of his famous 5Ss provides district leaders with a no-cost plan they can immediately employ to raise staff morale and set the stage for ever-increasing student success.